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New! Hi!

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Hello! I'm brand new here, but I want to say that I'm so excited about this community!

I've always had an attraction and fascination with certain dynamics in a relationship, and never really knew what to make of it. The more I see and learn about things, the more it makes sense to me, and I start to feel like "Yes, this is what I want, and what I have always wanted, in a sense.

Much of this is completely new to me and that's why I'm excited about this forum. Like, wow! An entire community! Dedicated to something that I once thought was completely unusual, uncommon, or disregarded by most people.

Anyways! Nice to meet ya! ^_^
Welcome to ADISC!

I'm sure you will find many interesting (and some boring) threads to peek your interest.
hi PicoChico and welcome to Adisc
this is a good site to help you find out who you are.
Thanks for the warm welcome. ^^

Fortunately, I kind of already know, (I think^^;) who I am.
I've always been drawn to a more dominant role. Not even so much "dominant" but Older, wiser, and protecting.
I've always felt a strong desire to care for someone that way, and have them feel they need me and seek those feelings from me as well.

I hope that makes sense. ^^
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