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New here but not to diapers

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  1. Adult Baby
Hey I'm a lifetime DL with an AB side from Western Washington. I started sneaking diapers out of the neighbors house when I was 10 and would secretely wear them after school. By age 13 all the kids at the neighbors were out of diapers but me so my supply ended. Two years later I was buying attends and another brand I can't remember from the pharmacy down the street. Nothing much has changed since except most of my diapers are ordered online.
Hi and welcome to the site. A lot of us stole diapers when we were kids, trying to satiate the desire I guess.

Do you have any hobbies or other likes? I'm a professional musician, so music is mostly my thing. I also enjoy writing stories and have a novel self published on Kindle. For recreation I enjoy getting out on my bike riding our bike trail.
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