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new here but a old DL

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New here but a old DL and a old time DPF member.
I started because i was incontinent till i was 12 and had surgery to fix the problem. then wore because i like the feeling.
Been wearing diapers for fun and convenience for 45 years.
And now i need to because of neurosarcoidosis that combined with age and the old childhood problem has fixed things.

Now disabled so i can wear all the time and old enough (57)that it would be seen as normal due to a health problem so i don't have to hide as much.

Then again i have openly wore just a diaper and t-shirt for 4 days at the Burning man festival in Nevada in 2001.


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Welcome to the forums, anned! :smile: Can't say I'm familiar at all with DPF. I've seen that acronym here and there in posts, but don't recall what it stands for.

I'm a year older than you, but not a DL. More of an adult toddler or kid. Make yourself at home and keep posting around. There's a few other "oldsters" like us on the forums. Decent older members are always welcome.

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