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Hi. I have been a visitor on it for some time. I have been a diaper lover since I was about 12 years old. I was visiting my grandparents and I had a toddler cousin still in diapers. I was playing in one of the rooms and saw his stack of diaper and got curious and took a couple. That night, I tried it on while everybody was asleep and thought wow, that is great. That is how I got into it. When it was time to go home, I snuck in a couple more and used it several times (without actually wetting them). Fast forward to college when I didnt live at home anymore. I bought some Depends from the drug store (I didnt know about the premium adult diapers at that time) and used them whenever my roommate is out of town on the weekends. It has been like that on and off throughout college and my married life. It has been in total secrecy my entire time using diapers til my wife discovered my secret by accident. Oh man, that was the turning point of my life and had to stop. I know there actually are adults that really needs them due to health issues. Whenever we got shopping at the store and I see the diaper section, I tried to avoid getting my thought back into wearing diapers. It has been over 3 years since I wore one. My diaper of choice was ATN with Goodnite stuffers.

Also while growing up, I was a bedwetter til I was around 13. Never wore any protection cause my parents didnt buy any and didnt mind washing my sheets.

Anybody here has a similar experience.
Welcome JamieJaime! That's a good intro. Several members have wife issues so rest assured, you're not the only one.

Please tell us some of your non-DL interests? Where abouts are you from?
I am into mountain biking, swimming, and loves to watch action movies. I am from southern United States.

Glad to hear several have wife issues.
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