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So I figured would post this in this forum because before I tell her about diapers I plan on introducing her to being little, she's super stressed and in a bad situation when it comes to major life situations. She's much younger than me, ten years younger and has two kids. So in some ways she's more mature than me. I'm on my way right now to talk to her after not seeing her for a year, I just want a hug and a brief conversation. But I'm looking for advice from anyone having a similar situation happen to them.
Well, just remember that regression doesn't always cure stress, and the level in which we like to regress isn't for everyone. Most people that would enjoy being little would already have discovered this on their own, so I wouldn't go ahead and suggest it on a whim. This is more to protect you and your ambitions of becoming romantic with this person.

In most stressful situations, especially as a young parent, I'd imagine a lot of people would want to do the opposite of what you'd be proposing. We are who we are because we find serenity in feeling little, or being treated like a baby, or wearing diapers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it is wrong to assume that everyone would love to feel little, or needs little space in a stressful situation.

Yes, nearly everyone has an inner child and needs a little pampering every once in a while, but those inner children may not need to go as far as we do and also need a different type of "pampering".

Any how, she may really take to it, but take your time and don't push the issue whatsoever. It's very rare that a proposal like that ever leads to what you think it will.
Thank you, but I know exactly what you're saying last night I suggested she simply take them to a park and swing on some swings, or sit down with them on the living room floor and play with them and their toys. There are no out of the ordinary suggestions coming from me that would out me for who I am at heart. When people judge my book by it's cover they would never peg me as a DL/little. My closest friend that's a girl, she's like my sister, told me once that if she didn't know me better she would thing I was gay because of my personality that I only let out around people close to me. Anyways we might never get serious and just be friends so I'm just looking for ways to make her happier and de-stress.
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