New Footed Sleeper :)

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A couple of years ago, I wanted to experience what it was like to wear an all-in-one (known by the general public as a onesie), so I bought one from Primark. It was an alligator one, so was mostly green with a yellow patch on front, feet with white 'claws' sticking out, a tail and a hood with an alligator 'head' on. I enjoyed wearing it while doing diaper/baby stuff, but the main problem I had was the tail and 'head' made it uncomfortable to lie down in, and sleeping in it was never easy. Also the feet were only held on by bits of velcro, which isn't the best.

So this week, I finally decided it was time to invest in my dream footed sleeper! I got it from, which is a bit on the pricey side but I figured it should last me a good few years, and it was custom-made.

It's plain blue with build-in feet, no tail, hood, pockets or drop seat, so it's as close to what a baby wears as possible. And I managed to get it in just the right size. It's so cozy! Now I can feel even more like a baby when I want to, wearing it whilst sucking on my paci or a bottle of milk, and filling my padding. :sweatdrop:
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