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New Dude

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Hi im Jake new around here I am 25 but I mind of a 8 year old kid I prefer to hang out with kids cause I can relate to them.
Welcome to ADISC Jake. Many people here also seem to relate to and can play with kids very easily. You are not alone.

I see by your profile you are into cars. I think of a car as only a means to get from one place to anther but there are several 'car guys' here that you can talk to.
Hi Jake, That a nice picture of scooby do I rememeber watching almost all the series, good times.
Welcome to ADISC.
welcome Jake
Is anyone else here like me ?
Hi Doglover, I'm sure it's going to be fur-nomenal having you here (sorry)! I'm sure you'll find plenty of people here like yourself, in all sorts of ways - and the diversity of our community means that you're likely to discover a few new things about what you're into ABDL-wise along the way!

What are some of your interests outside of ABDL? :)
all was happy to mack new friends.:hug:
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