New diapering technique to avert flooding issues? (from Japanese video)

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I found the following reddit thread: with these videos:

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this and/or tips? (It seems like it would help prevent the problems of flooding for males. From what I can tell, you basically wrap your member in a smaller diaper. However, you leave a small gap so that stuff still drains to the main diaper.)

I am trying it out the technique from the first video and, at the very least, it leads to a very bulky front. :rolleyes:
Wow nice find! You gave me some ideas. :biggrin:
I tried something similar to that and it dosn't solve the problem. Honestly, the best thing to do is get your diaper into a "V" shape in the crotch for overnight. THEN after having gotten the tapes squared away and everything straigtened out, press in on the V a bit to turn it into a bit more of a "mushroom" shape where the cavity gets a little wider near the bottom. This helps channel the flow to the back middle of the diaper as fast as possible. It slows down how fast the front gets wet, as well as how fast the crotch gets wet in the sides. The slight "mushrooming" in the middle also helps keep the channel open when your diaper swells from being wet.

The issue is that once you have fluids running down the leg creases in the crotch, you start risking a leak. Tight lower tapes can only do so much, the problem is it's almost impossible to get a tight fit across the lower butt cheeks, and that's where you're going to leak if there's liquids running heavily back there off to the side.

Wrapping your member in a small diaper makes this problem much worse because the liquids emerge from the diaper right where you don't want them to be, right at the creases in the crotch. You're trading a bit of early extra capacity for leaks later on.
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