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Once in a while I search on Amazon to see if there are any new diapers being sold on there. In the past I have found some interesting (and good) oddball diapers from around the world.

Today I searched, and found something new. I am wondering if anyone has tried them? It looks like they are only available in medium, which sadly wont fit me.

If no one has tried them, I may just purchase them out of curiosity and report back.
I wish they gave a better description. You never know the actual quality. $50 worth to get free shipping isn't worth it. I'm a try before you buy type of person. I doubt they're good as what we have available already, but curiosity still sticks around. I'm always own to trying a new diaper, but not 50 at a time.
I must have mis-read it... I saw a package of 10 for $10.97 with free prime shipping.
thickdiapers said:
I must have mis-read it... I saw a package of 10 for $10.97 with free prime shipping.
That's what it looks like to me too. Very reasonable even if they're bad imo. Could always try googling the actual product or company.
It actually suprizes me that we have not seen Amazon's own diapers yet,if they came out with a premium grade of house brand baby to toddler to teen to adult line at a cut rate they could create a whole new diaper wars.

I was offred an alexa for 99 dollars years ago to be a "beta" tester and declined, i have friends who said why not and listening to them brag aboutthis thing made me regret my decision so much so that when it was released for sale i happily paid double for this thing and have been converting everything from the coffee pot to the lights to be voice control thru her, i can not wait for the ability of my NEST stuff to work with her.
Now if they do that to the diaper industry wow it will be amazing!
they'd probably go after the baby, toddler, and trainer diaper markets long before the adult, and that long before the recreational. It's just numbers. Take the low haning fruit first.
I just ordered a package of these. Price is quite reasonable. I will keep you posted.
So everybody knows my Amazon Echo aka Alexa jow does my NEST stuff, i am stoked voice activated enviromentsl control is awesome!

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