New batch of Comficares arrived in Hamburg

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So they are available again at last. Three packages arrived by mail last weekend and I am so relieved to be able to drink normally again.
(there is always a but, isnt it?[pun intended])
Is it only me or did they degrade the tapes from somewhat ok to totally useless? The dydees are as good as ever, the leak guards are kind of stickier than before, you have to manually poke them free every inch when before just one lengthwise fold was enough to loosen them and bring it to shape in one move. I won't complain about this tho.
I have now used quite a few of these and with every single one, at least one of the tapes pops off after 20-60 minutes.
I did not use anything that might provoke that. No powder or cream, hands tapes and landing zone completely dry. And I did not touch the tapes on the sticky part.

Anyone else noticed that?
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