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New and stuff >.>

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  1. Diaperfur
Hello everyone, i was just rolling around online and found this site and thought I'd join and say hello. I'm just a single foxkit that likes to play and make friends. Hope everyone doesn't find me too annoying x3
Hi Lilkitfox. Welcome to the group. I'm sure you won't be too annoying, probably. :D

I see you like video games and programming. Any games in particular you are fond of? And what kind of programming do you do? I mainly focus in C with just a little bit of C++.

P.S. this would probably fit better and get more views from the greetings/introductions forum. And again, welcome to the group. :)
*Waves paw* Hey there, from another Little fox kit :3
I hope you'll have a pawsome time amongst us ^^
Hello and welcome aboard ^^ Little foxies are never annoying! They just have a tendency to get stolen for cuddles :hugs:

Really cyute profile picture btw :)
Hi Lilkitfox! Welcome to ADISC, and I agree with Quattrus, really cute profile pic. I take it you are a Furry fan. Are you also on Fur Affinity or FluffyWaddles? I'm a big furry fan here. Hope to talk with you more.
Waves hi there lot's of us kits around we are like blonds we haves more fun.
I bet you like cookies too.
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