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New and excited

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Hi everyone... Last night was turning point for me. I've been wanting for a long time to just let go. To not have to be grown up anymore. To just go back to when I was little and things were simpler, and I was a lot happier. I told my girlfriend (yes, I'm a lesbian, and happily taken) I needed some me time, and that I'd be back a bit later. After spending two hours at the cafe nearby, I threw out my fear and headed straight to the baby section at walmart. I had already done the homework I thought I needed, and had already decided I was getting pampers baby dry. After checkout, I headed back to the car and couldn't wait to get one on. Before I went in to shop, my bladder felt kinda full and I had a feeling it might not be long before I was wet. It was scary but liberating at the same time to know that I was about to just be a toddler again and let it out. Nerves might have been part of it, but the need to pee subsided. I relaxed as much as I could. A little came out. The warmth, the wetness felt wonderful. I knew tonight I was the little kid I needed to be, and I headed back inside to buy some more comfort.. A binky. I felt so safe...
Not being that familiar with the baby section, it took me a few minutes to find my binky. As I wandered toward the register, my bladder let me know it was really ready to pee. Really really. I was about to put my baby drys to the test. I mean, I could have held it.. But i didn't want that. I just needed to be my little kid self again. I let go, and felt more and more coming out. I was scared. I was scared my pampers would leak. When it stopped, my diaper was pretty soaked. I was expecting the worst. I felt my leggings at my thighs but they felt dry. I was so happy my diaper really was absorbing. I got back to the car, and just sat. Sat in my warm, wet, diaper. And sucked on my new binky. And I was happy. I headed back home, my girlfriend was sound asleep. I crawled into bed, nestled up along side of her, with my new pacifier in my mouth... And even my dream ended up being about being a kid again. She tosses and rolls a lot, and like many nights, she sometimes wakes and looks at me sleeping. Last night she opened her eyes, I wasn't asleep yet... She looked over at me with my binky in my mouth... And just smiled. When we woke this morning, she just knew. She knew I was at peace. And that made her happy too.
I really wish I had a bottle filled with apple juice right now. That would be perfect. I can't wait for her to get home from work... I asked her if she would do my hair in pigtails like she did last week.
That's quite a day you've had and quite an intro too. :) welcome. Clearly this was something you'd already discussed with your GF Acceptance is the nicest feeling. Well done.
That was a nice story.
I liked the excitement and the a surprising ending. She love you that it made her happy too.
Welcome nylittlegirl to ADISC.
Welcome! Looks like you are in a wonderful relationship with someone special. And, you have found a marvelous place to share things with us. I'm looking forward to reading your post, so post often!
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