New abu pricesQ?


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Toughts on the new pricing and such,
really they say there is more saving'S but in reality it made it much more in the end run cost wise,

Canadian wise , now they offer free shipping but the end price really is more with freeshiping,
now they added a discount by the amount you buy,

The price of 80 count cases plus shipping was still better cost effective then buying now a case with free shipping,

80 space would be 180+25 ship,
Now 80 space would be 233 with free shipping

Now even the cheapest of abu diapers are stupid high prices for a case, Uhgg
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Prices dont even matter when everything is freaking always out of stock
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I Don't like it not much you can do about it mostly if you need them !!
Its just like everything else that getting very pricey !!
Yeah always out of stock of everything, however they said it was cheaper or better savings because of free shipping while it is Really not,
and i am not even compairing to their more expensive models' king/peekabu gators

maybe if they upped the percentage off if buying 8packs at once,
I buy from rearz now after ABU's recent change because you are not saving money but spending more if figure it up.
I was going to put in a large order in the next week or two. This new pricing killed that plan. I agree should be a bigger discount for buying a full case.
Well, luckily we have other options to purchase frome.