[NEW] ABDL/TBDL RANDOM CHAT SITE - Like Omegle, But About Diapers Only!

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Hello all ABDL/TBDLs,

Many of us all have used a site called "Omegle.com" at least once before to talk about diapers or even for your very own erotic fantasies ;) But it gets difficult sometimes when you face wrong interest matches or even bots. I like a lot of people get bored of this, so I developed a site built on the Omegle's scripts and platform to create a diaper only chat site called "DiaperChat.Online".

DIAPERCHAT.ONLINE is the only chat site out there to talk to random strangers easy and fast about diapers(abdl/tbdl stuff too) only. You can chat freely with many other ABDL/TBDLs when your bored, or just want to talk about diapers.

If you would like to try my site out, which it is in BETA version at the moment, but will be updating frequently to make it better and way more stable! The site is best accessed on a desktop/laptop computer, but can be accessed on a mobile device with more bugs. If you find any bugs or glitches, please post below, other then that please have fun!

SITE LINK: http://diaperchat.online/
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