Never Seen Anything Like This..

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pretty sure first time you pull up to snug the front that back is gonna slip out

Bambusa said:
but couldnt you achieve the same result standing against a wall?
Yep. And the best part is that it's dead simple to change standing up without being against a wall. Just use your forearms to brace it so that your hands are free to manipulate the tapes. Though I could maybe see this being useful for someone whose dexterity is limited in some way.
Wow look at that single tape dosent look like a pullup wounder what brand that is.
irnub said:
. . . I could maybe see this being useful for someone whose dexterity is limited in some way.

Yep, I'm one of 'em. I've stated before that tab diapers are an:censored:pain. I can only stand if I hold onto something, leaving only my bad hand and arm to tape up, so, my process is to unfold the diaper and put it in my wheelchair seat, sit down on it and make sure it's up, then:cursing:at the:censored:tapes for at least a half hour!:lol:

Though my process would still be seated, simply having something there to hold the darn thing still so I can tape up well only using my left side, would help a metric ton! I'd still prefer a pull-up, but let's face facts, their never gonna be as protective as tab-style, and yeah, pull-ups are easier, unless, you'd like to keep lower half clothes and shoes on while you change!:mad: I was gonna switch to skirts anyway, but still! Good to know I can buy some good tab ones until I can have my Ultimate Custom cloth ones made.

By the way, the one in the picture ooks like a cheapo tab diaper to me. I thought I saw yellow tabs.
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Pretty strange
I wonder if it could help on-the-go-changes for those of us in cloth diapers. I guess I'll have to get one soon and try it out. That's a cool thing, thanks for sharing, Bambusa.
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