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I started wearing diapers as a kink. Something fun to do. I liked the feel and comfort of a diaper. And began wearing them at night so I wouldn't have to get out of bed to pee. I'm a heavy wetter so I wear a MegaMax with a cover. It was nice not having to get up and it used Aquaphor so no major problem with diaper rash. I did my research on the internet so I understood what I should do. I read that becoming incontinent would not be a problem as it was very hard to do even for people who wished to do so. I was soon wearing and using my diaper 24/7. I liked the freedom of not having to worry about finding a bathroom. Wearing a diaper did have its downsides, expense, leaks, and bulk under my street clothes. After a few months of wearing my diapers, I found I was going far more frequently with smaller amounts and I was going with little warning. I should have stopped at this point but I was hooked on the diapers. I lived alone so there was no one to stop me from wearing diapers. At this time I started messing with my diapers too. I'm lucky I am mostly regular, mess on waking up, so a morning shower and am ready to go, I do mess small amounts during the day but easy to clean up with my regular diaper changes. The thing is after a year and six months of 24/7 diaper-wearing I am now urge incontinent. I bed wet at night many times without waking up and during the day pee with no warning during the day. At times I also leak into my diaper without realizing it. So it seems that my simple kink has become a major change for me. I have told my friends and employer that I am incontinent. I did not plan or really wish to be incontinent but it happened. I don't know if I can re-toilet train myself or even if I wish to, with all its problems being able to have the freedom from bathrooms and a good night's sleep does seem to outweigh the problems of being 24/7. So be careful, I let my kink outweigh my common sense and now I live with the results.
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A timely warning to those playing with nappies.
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Have you seen a urologist? You have a convenient explanation, but you may have an underlying issue that you're not aware of.
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CheshireCat said:
Have you seen a urologist? You have a convenient explanation, but you may have an underlying issue that you're not aware of.
I never had any problems before going 24/7 but you are right I will be going to be checked out. Better safe than sorry.