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so in the last 4 days I've pooped myself twice😔 this has never happened before. Monday morning when i woke up, thought I needed to fart as I didn't feel the need to poop but no i pooped myself. and just, was walking back from college, needed a wee pretty desperately so was trying to hold that, then realized I needed to poop aswell. I was so concentrated on not wetting myself I ended up pooping myself but the feeling to poop was only there a maximum of a minute before it happened. good job I had proper knickers on and not thongs
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Definitely see a doctor about it asap.
Even though it’s a difficult thing to talk about, you're going to have more difficulty if it’s put off. You will be taken seriously because it’s not something people bring up as a joke.
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In the World of IC, it is well known that one of the dangers we face is that our IC hides medical issues, like those that you recently experienced. The foundation of this is that when those with full control have accidents there can be underlying issues that a causing it. As IC, it can be seen as just another day.

As stated by IcyBlue, above; you want to see a doctor.

Now, it is also important that you review what you have been eating /drinking and/or 'where' as a mild case of Food Poisoning can cause this kind of accident. Interesting that near all cases of 24 hr. flu is in fact Food Poisoning!
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It usually happens to me a couple times a year. Where I feel like I just need to fart but when I do a massive wave of diarrhea fills my pants. That's what prompted me to start wearing diapers. Also there has been more than one time where I have been standing there peeing and relax and ended up pooping at the same time without even trying. If I'm diapered it's not an issue. If I'm not diapered it turns into a big issue.
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I am medically fecal incontinent. I want to echo what others have said that you need to see a doctor. There is a lot that can be done. Good luck.

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