Never buying Bambino's Again

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My dad left town for a month so I thought it would be a perfect time to buy some diapers online for the first time. When I was filling out the form for Bambino's I made a mistake on the address. They make the billing address and delivery address separate, but only give you the option to correct the billing address at the end.
I filled out my address and info a month before and incorrectly. I had no idea that there was a difference between billing and delivery address. But since they gave me the option to change the billing address I thought I was in the clear.

... Seconds afterwords when they send me the email saying that my order went through I see that there was a mistake and message them IMMEDIATELY to correct the mistake. They don't. They send out my package anyways and it never get's to me. 2 weeks go by and now my Dad is coming back, and the diapers never reach me. Now I find out if I STILL want them I have to pay a 15$ fee to have them resent to my correct address. I'm furious and hurt and emotional. Now I have to decide if I want the risk of the package coming when my dad is home, and if I have the money to spend so I don't waste the other 100$ I ALREADY spent on this shitty company.

I messaged them 3 times and the didn't correct it or even message me back. I'm calling them tomorrow so I can yell at them. It sucks not having a phone of my own. I feel like the world is trying to screw me over recently. These were supposed to help relieve some stress but it's only stressing me out more than I would believe.
This is just a rant. I'm furious. No one has to reply to this if they don't want to. And I'm aware that it's technically my fault. But for buying diapers for my first time online, I was hoping they'd be helpful and responsive...
I'm sorry to hear that. I've never had a problem with Bambinos (they've always shipped to me in less than a week, in some cases far less) and the diapers themselves are great. I've always been extremely careful with my shipping and billing addresses, so I've never had the experience you talk about. I would suggest sending them an email with more or less the same content that you've got in your post here. They may be busy or unresponsive for some reason, but I think if you got to a person and explained what happened, they'd understand and do their best to help you out. It's a hard situation since, of course, you can't just order the new diapers, but perhaps you could get a credit for future use.

Best of luck with it, however it turns out.
Let's be completely honest: it was your mistake, and they got sent back to them so you have to pay shipping again.

However, there is a possibility: you may be able to have them shipped directly to a local UPS store and pick them up at your convenience. That would avoid your dad possibly finding them.
I admit that Bambino seems to be slipping from the squeaky clean reputation and standards lately. They don't answer emails as promptly as they used to, often send out wrong items, and only return phone calls or voicemails once a week (seriously?)

Just an FYI though. When placing an order on Bambino (and trust me, I've placed orders there many times), you DO have the option to change your delivery address. It is on the first page right after you hit Checkout, after you've logged into your account.

In all honesty, I think this is something you should have double-checked before ordering. Sometimes an order gets processed before the business has a chance to look at the email, and while I don't know the exact time gap, oftentimes the buyer messages just hours before the postage is paid for or after the package is already going out. Once the postage is bought, it is too late.

It sounds also like you have some other troubles other than just diaper orders getting delayed. Hang in there, man. We all have our ups and downs but the big things and the real things of this world are on your side :biggrin:
Keep it cool and don't let yourself become angry.
I don't have a phone atm dude. Or else I'd be calling them like crazy too. I said at the end that it WAS my mistake. I know I put myself there, doesn't make it any less frustrating. Why don't you stop being a dick?
Coney said:
I don't have a phone atm dude. Or else I'd be calling them like crazy too. I said at the end that it WAS my mistake. I know I put myself there, doesn't make it any less frustrating. Why don't you stop being a dick?

While that message may have been somewhat blunt, there's a good point there. Your thread title and first post suggest that you think Bambino is a bad company and you posting about this publicly is a way to encourage others not to buy from Bambino.

But that's not really right. They may not have handled the situation ideally, but they are offering to get you your diapers with only the payment for new shipping to cover your mistake and the biggest problem here is a user mistake, not the company doing anything wrong.

So, I don't really think it's right to say you'll never patronize bambino again based on this incident, or to encourage others to avoid them because they didn't treat you the way that you wanted.
Ah. Man... That sucks.. I'm sorry that happened... Yes we make mistakes but if I was you, I'd have been just as upset... I've made shipping errors and it was a headache... I had to spend $30 to fix it and I wanted to lash out. I know how it is having things not going the way they should have... Take a deep breath and see what you can accomplish... I'm sure an answer has to come about.
Yeah I'll admit I could (and should) handle it better. But I was really stressed about this yesterday. This has been a 2 month plan BEFORE I even acted upon it. And not being able to talk about this with anyone in the real world is aggravating. Which is why I posted the rant here.
To be honest they're still my favorite diaper. But it'll be awhile before I try to buy diapers again. This whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth.
And in my defense, they STILL haven't replied to any messages. Which is kind of a shitty thing about the company's costumer service. I'm going to a friend's today to borrow their phone and sort everything out hopefully :p.
I did the exact same thing with XPmedical awhile back, they responded to my email pretty quickly and the problem was resolved. But remember they probably get hundreds of emails a day. Being a pretty small company in comparison to XP, it's not surprising if they don't respond quickly or at all if an order is already shipped.
Sorry this happened to you. This is why I always double and triple check my info when I order stuff.
Okay let me just say it, you're sounding like a whiny brat who made a mistake and doesn't want to admit it. There is always the "back" button you can press when ordering things. I know beacuse I've ordered from them, there is a "Back" button that takes you back to your cart or billing address so on and so forth.

You made a mistake, don't call them and bitch at them because YOU made a mistake, that's just low and an asshole thing to do, knowing people who work in customer service, if you call and bitch at them, they are going to do all they can to NOT help you because you're being an ass, If you really want this resolved when you call them, be nice and kind, explain that it was your mistake and that you'd like to fix it. They are not to blame here you are. Double check these things when ordering online.

I've said my peace. Some of you may not agree with it and that's fine, and I admit I'm being a bit harsh here but I'm sick and tired of hearing people bitch about shit that they inflicted on themselves.

I stress that this is my OPINION and I am entitled to it in this situation since it was posted in a public forum. Ty and good day. But simply, no one else was going to say it, but I know I'm not the only one thinking it.
That does suck man but as most of the other people have said always double check the address in the future when you decide to order more stuff that is always a must in any situation when you order online and UPS is a great place to pick up your order in private if you still live with family well best of luck man.
I too have recently had customer service issues with bambino to the point where I just stopped dealing with them, they dont answer email at all and if you do call them they dont really act like they want to help and are usually rude, not that i am super friendly but I expect a proffesional attitude at least. They have sent things to my old address in texas a couple of times when I entered my address here in georgia, they did admit that they had a computer glitch that caused that but still wanted me to pay additional money to get the diapers to my correct address not to mention I have been sent wrong product or size on a few occasions all in the last 2 years. Service was excellent before that dont know what happened. To the op if you emailed them within a day or 2 that you entered the wrong address it should have been sufficient a phone call would have been better but the email should have solved the issue
To the op, I'm sorry this happened to you but you should always double and triple check and take your time to make sure everything is correct. It's not their fault, they use the information you give them and you're responsible for providing the correct information. You can't blame the company(unless they send it to the wrong address when you put in the correct address or send the wrong size by mistake.)

The first time I ordered online I spent something like 40 something minutes making absolutely sure I had everything right, having shaky, sweaty hands the entire time. Some places are more forgiving with their conditions, but if you make a mistake you have to pony up and abide by their rules.

Thank you, I know you did claim responsibility and again I'm sorry for getting harsh.
Fun fact, I've never had a single email to bambino responded to.

Their customer service, which everyone claims to be amazing--seems to ME to be kind of garbage.

Still, they have a niche market that has little competition, so they can afford to not be the greatest with things like that.
I'm with you Dan09! I have sent them two emails the first one was sent after my first experience with them it was during the upside down tape debacle. The second was rather recently when I was contemplating buying from them again. I emailed them about product specifications and to see what improvements had they made following my original disappointment with the upside down run. I did not receive a reply to either of the two messages. I don't know if the company is going through a rough patch or what. Either way I am disappointed.
I last ordered from Bambino back in November 2014, during one of their Thanksgiving sales. I only received half of my order. I began to call & email like crazy trying to get it taken care of. They have an answering machine. They don't answer that phone, & they only check messages once a week. They'll tell you this on the recording (unless it's been changed). It took more than a week, but they finally responded to all of my emails I'd sent. They apologized for the mistake & sent the rest of the order.

I will continue doing business with them. But I completely understand how extremely slow customer service can get you upset.
I guess it's common to get the wrong orders from them and them to not contact you back so unless you need your diapers now, don't order from them and order from another company for back up. I just lucked out with their quick response.
So. Funny story. I believe someone mentioned that if I messaged them BEFORE they sent it out the first time that they would correct it for free. Well since I DID and they didn't catch it in time, they aren't fining me the 15$ fee to resend it. Took them forever to reply but regardless I am a happy camper now~
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