Need some advice, I'm torn between choices here

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I am currently trying to decide between buying some new ABU diapers or buying a new "toy". I would like to try the new space diapers and Little Paws diapers but there's also a "toy" I'd like to buy as well.
I'm currently stuck between these two choices. They're both quite expensive and I don't want to buy both. Someone please give me some advice on this matter.
Toy will last longer later you can still try the diapers if you want to.
Buy a toy and some samples of the diapers?
I'd say depends on how long each will last. Diapers can be quite enjoyable, especially if you can't indulge often. Think about how long they will last you. Only you can answer whether or not a few weeks or a few months of having nice diapers is a good tradeoff for the toy. There can be advantages on waiting for toys too, better models come out, prices drop, or you may find you aren't yearning for it as much a month from now. I try not to be a "I gotta have this!" and then somewhat regret it later, but it still happens on rare occasion ;) Diapers on the other hand, you can enjoy right now
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