Need input on weather or not I should make a spreadsheet showing just about everything you need to know about diapers on certain websites

Should I do this? Would you support or use this?

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I have thrown around the idea of making a spread sheet of the overall costs of a large majority of the diapers on the market for the USA at least. This would be a huge amount of work but would be so very useful. Now obviously I can not do this on my own. Also if I were to do this. Would any one find any use out of this.

What I need from you guys is 2 things

1) Would you find use for this
2) Post replies with any websites that have adult diapers on it

This will take a lot of time to make but in the long run would be really nice to have.

This spread sheet will contain this list of things;
1) Diaper name
2) The size as well as waist size
3) Absorbency
4) Cost per diaper
5) Cost per package
6) Cost per case
7) Cost per sample
8) A small description of the item
9) Sort by price, absorbency, size, diaper count, or type.
10) Diaper count
11) Show if the diaper is cloth, plastic, hybrid, or other
12) Show if it has a design on the diaper
13) Show if the diaper has the ability to be scented or not
14) Show if the diaper has a in built scent
15) Show if this is a pad or diaper
16) Show a community rating determined by some kind of poll
17) A link to where you can purchase the diaper
18) A post to a review of the diaper found on ADISC if available
19) Sub links talking about the diaper found on ADISC
20) Rough Shipping Cost

Basically a 1 stop place for everything you need to know about to buy a diaper.

This spreadsheet would be updated roughly at least once or twice a year. I am willing to give access to mods that want to take on this project as well so they can update it as they feel if they want.

If you feel this is a project I should go about doing. Please let me know! I don't want to waste my time on something that wont be used.


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This would be a terrific resource, 17 would be terrific if it shows which countries the products are available in without expensive international shipping.


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I think the biggest issues will be in how rapidly diaper manufacturers change their designs and specifications. It will be hard to keep it up-to-date.
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