Need help with adding a zipper to my onesies dropseat.


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This year during June, I bought this onesie from a company called Donann and it was custom made to my specifications that I thought was all correct. When I got the onesie, it was amazing quality and was very comfortable but there’s one big issue.

I had requested that it be a large standard fit which is 176cm tall but I should’ve gone a size up since I can’t wear the onesie because the drop seat (which is velcro and I should’ve gone for a zipper) would just pop off, I have to be standing up straight for it to stay on.

I cannot return the onesie since Donann’s policy states that I cannot return custom made orders and it’s probably been too long for me to return it anyways. So I’m stuck with a onesie that has that issue.

So I have an idea, I could replace the velcro with a zipper and then the drop seat will no longer pop off.
Does anybody here know how to sow in a zipper? Because if you do, I’d love the help!


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There are a few on this forum who sew, I myself have only started sewing my own stuff this year and haven't had to sew in a zipper yet mostly sticking to velcro or snaps, but to my kowledge it's not that hard to sew a sip, you probably will need a zipper foot for your machine.

You are going to want to unpick and remove the velcro that is there you will also probably need to unpick the seam that has been made as you will be making a new seam as you sew the zip. Depending on how much experience you have sewing it will be easier or harder, if you have never done any before I wouldn't recommend it say maybe find someone else to do this for you.

Youtube is also your friend here, there are hundreds of video tutorials on how to sew different things Here is a basic video on sewing zippers that are fully open, there are also vidoes showing how to sew a closed zip (where the end that you normaly have to slot together to do up is sewn together). If this video is hard to follow or you do not understand some of the things she says then this is definitely something you will want someone else to do for you.

Depending on where you live there are probably tailers/seastress shops or locals who do this at home can be found online, this particular onesie does not exactly look "babyish" and onesies for adults are becoming incredibly popular especially at this time of year. It is highly doubtfull that a tailor or seamstress would question why you want this done or wonder about you reason for wearing it, your excuse would simply be that you like wearing onesies for the warmth they offer and hate having to take it half off to go to the bathroom hence why you wanted the dropseat. It would probably be pretty cheap to have it done as it's about a 20-30 min job.

Your other option however if you really don't want to take it to someone else and can't figure it out for yourself would be to buy a pair of snap pliers and some kam snaps like These. They should be good enough to go through the velcro but you can always use a knife to cut away some of the hooks/fluff if they don't.

They are easy to attatch, just use the supplied awl (spikey tool) to make a hole in the same loaction on both sides, push the cap through and put a socket on one side and a stud on the other and then squeeze them with the pliers.

A couple of snaps in strategic locations on the velcro should help to prevent the two sides pulling apart and keeping the velcro on will seal up the spaces between snaps.


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Snaps are a good idea.
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