need help kicking this cold

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  1. Diaper Lover
Do any of you have any good home remedies
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Other than chicken noodle soup and hot showers, I tend to find a thick crinkly diaper, some footed pajamas, your favorite blanket and plush, and your favorite animated movie does wonders.

Other than that, a cold just has to run its course 7-10 days.....bleh.
I have found taking Zicam will shorten the duration of your cold.
If you take it when you feel the first signs of the cold it can keep you from getting it.
Warm tea with honey helps a lot for a sore throat or cough. Lots of vitamin C. I find in general that drinking a lot and peeing a lot helps flush the cold out of your system faster. You should enjoy that. ;)
Was just going to suggest that too Archie. Plus a lot of rest helps too.
Go buy 2 or 3 quarts of Bolthouse Green Goodness...its usually in the produce area of a store...and Target has it cheapest. Chug one or two per day. Drinking a cup at a time doesn't seem to help me out much...gotta chug it. Has a lot of good vitamins, and it tastes like pineapple kiwi juice :-) quite delicious!
I take Zicam or one of those cold preventive pills that have zinc in them. I try to take it at the very first sign. I also try to get as much sleep as possible.
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