Need help finding a good diaper for girlfriend

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Hey fellow kinksters!

I haven't posted in a while, been so damn busy. But I do have a favor to ask. What diaper has the best fit for women? My girlfriend is so wonderful and super accepting of my DL status and wears with me often. However! She doesn't like the bulky feel of the abena's and felt that the ATN's were too big. What else can you folks think of that we could try? I personally like the two I just mentioned, but I have different parts down there, so I am totally clueless when it comes to finding something that she can enjoy. She is slim, but being a woman has bigger hips than I do. she's probably a 29 waist, but again, with larger hips/thighs. Help!
Tena Slip Maxi comes to mind. They are not very thick, still very absorbent, and have a higher leg cut than the Abenas. IMO Abena's are designed for the bedridden, and they are cut to fit someone in the prone position with lots of padding in the back.

The Wellness brand have a similar cut to the Tena Slip Maxi, less expensive, but not as good capacity. I recommend the Superio line, plain white with a hardy landing strip and super strong tapes. They are bulkier than the Tena's, but not by much. And order one size larger than they have listed, they don't fit as advertised.

Any of the Bambino diapers should fit someone with wide hips nicely.

If you're going the cheap route, Attends waistband style with the three tapes are a great fit. They are terrible for capacity but the square cut legs are amazing. They are the best fitting diaper I have ever worn, it just sucks that they leak like a sieve, no capacity, and you can't refasten the tapes.
Given how you've worded your post, I get the impression that she only wears for the Hell of it. Given her waist size, and seeing that it looks like she needs something thin to ease on into, I'd at least give GoodNites a go. They're pretty cheap, so there isn't much to lose if they don't work out.

Also, hip size doesn't take precedence over waist size when deciding on a diaper.
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