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So I will be going home soon for the holidays and was thinking about ordering some diapers. Currently I am looking at abuniverse, probably the space diapers or cushies. Would these be good choices or are there others I should consider?
I personally haven't tried the space diapers, but from what I've heard they are definitely near the top in adult diapers. Others I would consider are northshore and abena's if looking for something super absorbent. Other cute abdl styles I would look at bambino's and awwsocute.
I've had Bambinos and the ABU Space, along with the usual Arenas, Tenas, Northshore, et al. The Space diapers are far and away my favorite. Not only do the tapes stick and stick - which has been a persistent problem between disposables and me for the past 30 years - but they absorb like there's no tomorrow. That said, they're hardly discrete, so if you're planning on wearing around family members when you go home, take a look at something thinner from Northshore.
If you really prefer single tape diapers or it's down to these two and cost is a major issue, go with the cushies. Otherwise I'm sure everyone will agree that the space diapers are the clear winners.
Thank you people so much for your help. I was going to do a trial pack of the space and cushies but after the advice given I think I'll be going with an actual pack of the space instead of the cushies. I won't be wearing around family so discretion is not an issue.
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