Need advice on discreetness!

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Hello everyone!

Been a while since I wrote anything here but I really need some good advice now.

I don't travel a lot but I am going to see a friend Thursday -> Sunday this week, so I'll be staying with her, her husband and daughter for three nights.

The thing is at this point I don't know if I could actually handle being out of diapers/pull-ups because I feel there's a definite risk of me wetting myself then.

So I guess my question is: What would be the best way of handling changing my pants-style diaper (Tena Pants Super) in a discreet way that they not find out about it? At home I almost always wear Tena Comfort Maxi but I realize that these will not work out going away so Tena Pants it is.

Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated!

//Little Julie.
Staying and traveling with friends or family is hard to keep your issue private, if she is really a close friend it might Be best to tell her you have a medical issue. And she can put a garbage can in your room and dispose of the used diapers whe no one else is home. Get some oversized ziplock bags from the dollar store and please your new diapers one per bag. When you use a diaper seal it up inside the ziplock back you removed the fresh one from and dispose in your garbage in the room, there will be no smell as the diaper is sealed. The ones I use have 2 seals.

If you don't want to tell her then do the same thing but bring a bigger case then you would need and put s Tupperware container (big one) and keep it in your case and store your used. Diapers that are sealed in ziplock backs in the sealed container.

Then when you leave simply throw out the container at the first rest stop. I hate to say it but the best way to handle it stress wise is to let your friend know and it will take the stress away. Remember there is no shame in needing diapers for medical reasons I ended up telling my family and sister inlaw so that whe. My wife and I travel or visit there is no stress about having to his the fact I need diapers. Every one understood and was supportive when I told them no they remind me to bring my diaper bag when I forget.

Don't stress about it just let your friend know and enjoy your time together, it's better to tell them then Have an accident and have them find out that way.
Rob110 Thank you for your kind and helpful advice.
I do agree with what you're saying but the family I'm staying with I don't know what she would say if I came clean about needing diapers/pull-ups. Thankfully I *should* be able to keep myself from peeing in them but it's just that I don't feel comfortable with not having ANY protection whatsoever. I'll take the suggestions you gave me and try to adapt them as much as possible to my own situation here.

Thank you.

And also if someone else still has some good suggestions please do tell.
Just want to say thanks to those who replied to my call for help in this matter.
Been on the trip and everything worked out fine using the suggestions I got here.
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