Nappy sack sizing

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Just out of curiosity, how many people use standard baby nappy sacks to dispose of their used padding? Surprisingly, I have yet to come across a nappy sack that could not accommodate a medium-sized adult nappy, even very wet premium types. They all seem to be a lot larger than they need to be.
I do. I use Sassy diaper sacks and they work perfectly. I always double bag them, just to be on the safe side, and I've never had an odor issue, even in hot humid weather. And they're about $6 for 200.
I use 3 gallon black trash bags. I mainly use them over others for discretion but also have them to carry my work clothes back and forth without getting my backpack covered in grease.
I bought some sacks for baby diapers and they were only large enough for my thinnest ones. Anything more than a Depends and they weren't able to form a seal. These days I'm using small trash bags and they can hold up to three of the thin ones, or two more substantial diapers. My search continues for an ideal disposal option.
I use baby nappy sacks and they work just fine for me. I like scented ones as I often have to store my used nappies for a day or so before I can properly get rid of them.
"Ruffies" come on a roll and in very small sizes. They also come in different scents. Pretty nice option for larger diapers. I know a soaked M4 with booster will not fit in diaper sacks ive tried, but the ruffies work great. At home i use "black out" trash bags since i have to carry the bags down the hall to the trash chute. They hide everything inside the bag.
I find diaper sacks can be a bit small, so I buy dog poop bags. Rolled up m4 with booster, no problem. They also come scented to mask any smells
Genius! I am mad for not thinking of this. We have a dog, and tons of those bags. It does fit an M4 with booster and less wasted bag compared to the 'Ruffies'. Plus they are cheaper. The black ones may work best for diapers. We get those at the dollar store.
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