Nappy Rash

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First time getting nappy rash as a DL. It's nothing too bad - cream will solve it fine.

A thought I had though. I wear the one nappy all through the night unless I've wet it two or three times and it needs changing. However, there are nights that I'll wet it, go back asleep and then be sleeping in it for another 5 or 6 hours.

I always go to bed with a clean nappy, but if I'm wearing one in the evening, it might be wet for an hour before I change myself before going to bed.

Am I staying in a wet nappy for too long? Any thoughts appreciated.
The only person that can answer that is you. Everybody's tolerance is a bit different. The only fact common to everyone - is the fewer hours in a wet diaper, the less chance of any rash.

With that said, your skin may be a bit more touchy and you will need to change sooner, more times or use some barrier creams to help prevent diaper rash.
I only get rashes if I stay in the same nappy all day. Curiously I can sleep in a wet nappy which I usually do and it never affects me.
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