Nappy/Diaper Dreams

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Because I always wear nappies/diapers alot now that I don't if this has happened to many people but it's nice to know you not the only one but. Have when wearing a nappy/diaper to bed, have you ever had a wonderful dream or bad dream with nappies/diapers ? I personally get many of them and always been wondering if others have them ? I have in the past turn my dreams into stories and let others know what happens and the dreams when I wear thick nappies/diapers happen more oftern and feel such a baby when I wake up that it makes me feel to share them to others. My dreams when failing to sleep and dreaming involving nappies/diapers make me feel I don't want to wake up from it because they say you can never go back to a dream once you woken up but its a wonderful when I have these dreams that it does make you feel you want to share with others or if other people have dreams when wearing nappies/diapers.
I had a embarassing Dream where i was in Elementery/Primars School where you had to get changed in Front of People for pe and when i Took my pants Off i was Wearing a drynite. I had a Dream where my mum Found me with my pacifier, eek dont Want to face that in real life!
Not being able to revisit a dream ever again no matter what is untrue for me. I have in my younger years revisited a dreamworld over, and over until I just grew out of it. :) As far as Diaper dreams go. Yes I have had them, and I think they were all good ones. The bad dreams that are even close to the mark are instances where I dream my britches fall off, and have nothing on underneath. I hated those bad ones because they were incredibly embarrassing! :sweatdrop:
I mostly have diaper nightmares lol! Usually its something like I'm called to the front of class and when I get there I realize I'm not wearing any pants over my diaper

or that I'm jogging outside and everything is normal, but then I trip and can't get back up, and I just try to crawl away in my diaper but I can only move super slowly
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