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nappied baby

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Hi.....i am 55, married and wearing nappies 24/7 for nearly 3 years. before that i had to wear at night for the previous 4 years. It was my wife who introduced me to them having tired of my frequent 'accidents' at night. Over the time since i have become totally accustomed to wearing nappies and the feel of adult 'undies' is now a distant memory. As those memories of adult wear fade the babyish feelings within me has grown and grown. My wife does not consider me a 'baby' as such....but even she has begun to see me as less that adult as she changes me 4 times a day.

She is older than i am by 3 years and grew up like me in a time when babys wore cloth nappies and disposables were not really common. This is why she refuses to allow disposables now as well as of course the cost of them is prohibitive. It seems now that my life is slowly heading in one direction and i am gradually ceding all control to the woman i married.
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