Nap Time Wetting

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This past weekend into this week I have been pretty tired from working overtime. I have found myself dozing off during the day. Now I have noticed I am starting to wet on short naps. It felt like the second I fell asleep I started to go and I really hadn't had any consciousnes of needing to go before or after. Today I slept a couple hours and I think I wet twice but the diaper was Attends and did not leak when I wet on my side so must not have wet too much.

I have been 24/7 for about 17 months and wetting the bed several times a month for about 5 months. I guess this is just another stage on my journey. Good thing I have plenty of protection.
Sorry your are now wetting more often even juring a nap but it's good that you are handling the changes ok.
I’d be elated if I wet during a nap. That being the case, congratulations, I’m happy for you.
Like many of us, I always dreamt of wetting in my sleep. Today not so much. I don't think it hit me because of my urge problems. Never happened to me until way into when it all started. I also don't presume its because of constant wearing. I see it can do this to you. Nowadays I wear regularly during the day at home and when I'm NOT wearing during the day, with any urge I have to remind myself conciously that I am not wearing. Otherwise I'd propably have an accident. I presume this will constantly creep into your sleep until your body and mind are so used to just wet at the slightest urge, you will just let go when asleep.
For me, I know for 90% that its my returned nightmares and nighttime anxiety that makes me go when asleep.

Okay I think it makes more sense to assume its a mix of all three causes.
I am assume this is a good thing for you and if so, congrats. For me I am still working on actual wetting while still fast asleep, but that is coming in slowwwwwww slowwwwwwwwww stages. Nap times is something I have never considered although I have a nap every afternoon.....hmmmmmm
I am happy. It is good. I didn't really think to expect it, but I can certainly live with it.
I always wet whileI sleep.
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