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Check out my last thread and you'll probably understand this a little better.

Saturday, I wore a diaper and went Christmas shopping with my wife. She doesn't know I wear.

That night, we went to a historic classy restaurant to celebrate a momentous occasion. We started drinking and started talking more about our childhood. What got that topic going? My wife asked me what got me into politics. Long story short, my older brother would pick on me around 15 years of age for watching Doug, Rugrats, Jetsons, Scoobydo, and any other kid show. So, I started watching more adult shows to make my self feel like I'm being an adult, to get acceptance from my brother. This later went into the news and slowly got into politics. Now I blame my brother for my political curse.

Anyways, I came out and told her that I was a bed wetter up into age 11ish and having problems controlling it. Ever since brith I had to wear diapers then one day, I stopped. To me, taking something away from me that was part of your natural habit never really leaves you. Told her in college I read an article about a marathon runner who wore diapers so they wouldn't have to stop to pee. This got me interested and experimented ever since.

She was more understanding once I explained to her why I have this desire, and that I like to wear for comfort. I've been under heavy pressure lately with the new job and she can attest to that. I also told her my desire "fantasy" is to wear 24/7 ( not that I really want to ) and she understood. Of all things, she understood me wanting to be in diapers.

The weight on my shoulders was lifted! She asked if I had any in the apartment, I told her yes. The alcohol got her intrigued and when we got home I quickly took off the one I was wearing ( felt wrong to tell her I was already wearing )and showed her my stash. She was slightly intoxicated but was well aware of the situation. She was perplexed but found it cute. I left it at that and didn't talk more of it. We took our showers ( she has her own bathroom ) and when I came out of the shower she was wearing her footed pajamas that I bought her months ago. This made me feel okay about the situation.

The next day everything was fine. Later in the day she started asking more questions about the diapers and was able to give her honest answers. My answers resulted with that I like to wear diapers, onesies, and footed pajamas. She gave me a "interesting nod" and that was it. Yesterday she came home with 3 different kinds of footed pajamas from Target and snaps to make onesies. I was blown away. How in the world did I deserve this amazing person? She started talking how she was turned on by this. Perhaps she has the same tendencies? I asked if she would wear diapers and she was hesitant but said no. Fair enough to me.
She asked about ordering diapers which blew my mind and took her to the website and walked her through the process. She asked if it was okay to order a weeks worth of diapers. I said sure and we planned out to the details about what all would be involved in wearing for 24/7 for a week.

After the purchase, she asked me to put on a diaper and the footed pajamas. I did and coming out of the bedroom for the first time in a diaper and the footed pajamas she bought that were small by the way, most embarrassing thing ever. I was not comfortable with it and told her that. She grind and said not to worry about it and handed me a scotch. We drank and talked on the couch about whatever. She asked me if I had wore in front of her in the past and told her the truth. Everything went well. She was upset that I never told her from the start but she understood and didn't get upset at me. I got up to use the bathroom and remembered I was in the diaper and that I didn't need to use the bathroom. I stopped and she asked what's wrong and told her my situation. I was embarrassed again and was nervous. She gave me a smile and said just go ahead and go. Well, still nervous, I went to the bedroom and did it. I explained to her that I'm not really comfortable about her knowing. It'll take time for me to worm up to her. She understood and we continued talking. I do remember at one point she said she loves the crinkly noise and she liked slapping my rear. I put on a fresh diaper before bed and went to bed.

This morning she asked if I wet my diaper and told her no. I went to work not wearing because I was just not ready and had meetings with the executives today couldn't handle the stress of the job AND wearing. I came home and she had laid out the footed pajamas and a diaper. She said to take a shower and put on the diaper and pajamas and dinner will be ready. This I did and we ate dinner. She brought out the snaps and turned some old t-shirts into onesies. I am now wearing a diaper, booster pad, onesies, and footed pajamas. My wife is across from me on the couch doing school work.

How awesome is this? I mean... seriously? I'm waiting to wake up from a dream.

So, I'm extremely sorry for the long post but thought every detail above was necessary. Please leave me your thoughts or questions. I'm sure I left some sort of detail out. I'll keep you all posted about wearing 24/7 starting Friday.
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sounds good to me, you got to quit hiding it, she's accepting and not freaking out. She's communicating clearly so you know your limits.
Good for you for being honest with her. I'm just impressed that you were able to keep it a secret for as long as you did.
It is nice to hear a story that turned out well. I am glad that your wife is accepting of it. With you not feeling comfortable about it all just take it slow. only do what you are comfortable doing. I hope that is all continues to go well for you. Enjoy!
You have a great wife. Mine has been very accepting as well. She also buys me "little" things which I appreciate. It's nice to be in that position.
we can all only hope and dream to end up so lucky... RUN WITH IT!!! congrats!!!
You go! Hooray for your wife!
Yay!!! I'm glad to hear that is going well.
I've been in the same process this past month and everyone here in ADISC has been really nice and giving me great advices. I sat down a week ago and I told my wife EVERYTHING, just like you said " a heavy weight has been lift from my shoulders" she was very nice with me and said she was ok then for me to wear. she also encourage me to tell my psychologist and it when well aswell :)

I'm in the process of finding a balance cause I don't wanna overwhelm her or anything. Just like someone nice here told me: "listen to your wife's needs aswell" so yeah so far is going great. I still get nervous when she asks me "are you wearing a diaper?" Or gets me out of the blue with a diaper related question, but I guess time will make me more ok and less nervous.

Good luck :p

Boy, that was risky to not tell her until after you're married. It could've gone the other way, and would've been very unfair to her. Glad it's working out in your favor.
Sounds like you were honest and communicated your feelings. Glad she was accepting and encouraging.
Wow, I'm really happy for you. Continue show her love and respect as this well help her feel secure (none threatened) about it. Let this aspect of your relationship develop naturally (don't push it to hard) and enjoy!
bambinod said:
sounds good to me, you got to quit hiding it, she's accepting and not freaking out. She's communicating clearly so you know your limits.

She is an amazing person and was always afraid of telling her. After we got married our relation grew even more and we both felt more comfortable than before.

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ultrapampers said:
Boy, that was risky to not tell her until after you're married. It could've gone the other way, and would've been very unfair to her. Glad it's working out in your favor.

You're right. But being afraid of her not accepting a part of me kept me in the dark. One of things we talked about was if she's not comfortable with it, she's more important. She's the love of my life.

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The diaper order came in today. My wife is very rarely gets home from work before 6. I just got home and the top shelf of the closet she moved some of my clothes over and took the diapers and pads out of the box and packaging and placed them on the shelf. Like, they are there in plain daylight. I went to my bathroom and she left a note saying, "Enjoy, you won't be seeing this for a week! Went to the store, be home soon. XOXO".

I was excited to see that note but at the same time I'm nervous. She's becoming very strong about this. I've never seen her like this before. Ever had that feeling when you're about to buy a brand new car and you splurge more cause, making some extra money, and suddenly feel guilty and decide, no, I'm not doing it! I'm going to get the base model. Then you go to the dealer and buy the car and then you think, I worked hard, I'm going with the top of the line! You buy the car and now you feel like buyers remorse or you feel guilty about spending the extra money when you could throw more at your student loans or at your retirement? That's how I feel right now? I feel that I enjoyed the secret, that my wife didn't need to know. Her not knowing kept it diaper wearing down to a limited. Now she's excited about me wearing for a week? I dunno, sounds to good to be true. I could just be blowing everything out of proportions.

This is stressing me out! I need a diaper to wear!!! haha.

Does anyone understand where I'm coming from? Have you been down that road and how did you over come it?

Diaper Diem!
There's a book you might need to read There's a baby in my bed. By Rosalie Bent
We change our likes as we go along we are learing your selves now your wife is learing too.
So take a deep breath we make our own stress .
Just see where it goes it may not be so bad .
Your kind of lucky in a way you get to try it and it may get to the point you both find your level ok .
Communication is the key.
She does love you much.
So try it you can always both change things .
Could this be guilt a little or your not in control lol.
I wish you the best.
Lol Congrats on your very understanding spouse! :) Happy for you.
She might have a secret kink side to her and a bit of a dom complex :)
I'm happy for you! I just told my girlfriend a week or almost two now ago and she still isn't sure how she feels about it. I hope one day she will accept and do the same and feel the same as your wife..
Just hope now that she understands, she doesn't try to fix you. They are understanding at first...

Would you give them up for her?
Maybe ask her if she has any kinks. Kind of one of those, if you're willing to put up with mine, I could put up with yours kind of thing.
Hurray for wife!! So happy for you.
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