My thoughts of the Cuddlz Yellow Toy Pyjamas.

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I recently bought a pair of Cuddlz pyjamas, and boy was their service good.
I ordered the pyjamas late Thursday night and they got here TODAY, that is amazing shipping considering that these are custom sized PJ's!
The fit is really nice, just loose enough to be comfortable but not so loose that they end up falling off, a little tight around the stomach and hip area but not uncomfortable.

They're a nice lightweight cotton, meaning no overheating during the night! Which is hard to find in a lot of ABDL style pyjamas, they're either really heavy fleeces or heavy cottons which are too warm to wear comfortabley throughout the night.

The hardware (snaps on the front) are very durable and I'm not afraid of breaking them when I undo the shirt and the elastic in the waistband of the shorts is just stretchy enough without being to tight that it tries to cut off your circulation.

But, (and this wouldn't be a good review esque post without a but), the shorts are incredibley long, you definitely have to wear them at your waist above the hips rather than below like a lot of people like to do, and, their stock photo is out of date, it's a different print (same theme of animals) but instead of stuffed animals printed on a very pastel (pee colour) yellow you're gonna get scribble animals on a more vibrant pastel yellow;still a really nice print though.

TL:DR - great pyjamas, nice cotton and fit, hardware and elastic are stong and stable, just really long shorts and Cuddlz needs to update the stock image!
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