My Sofia the First Christmas Gift

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Hi all,
hope you all have had/having a good Christmas or holiday. Just thought I would share this cute little toy I got from my dad. He knows how much I love this show and I was so thrilled to open my present to find this little cutie
It means so much to me that he went out and bought this. I got other things too but for some reason this out of all the gifts I received this is the best because...well, I guess it just means he really took the time to notice something about me and not just off a list of things I want. And of all the things about me, he chose something I was too afraid a year ago to even mention to him or anyone in fact that I even liked it. It wasn't computers or electronics or "boyish" stuff but kind of girly and childish and so this tiny gift means so much more to me then anything off of a wishlist. Because with it, comes a sense of not just tolerance but acceptance and this makes me so happy :)
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