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My Re-introduction

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Well, my access to the site has been limited (Though I just so recently got back on the site) So I figured I post around so that i may do more, like veiw my own profile >.<

Well, what needs to be said? I am a 17 year old TB/DL who is also a cross-dresser/sissy, and I was introduced to the site by Neonite <3
I have loved wearing diapers for as long as I remember, which is back to when I was first able to walk. I was potty trained, of course, but I still wore diapers whenever I could (And luckily for me I had a baby sister) so it was quite often. Wen I was seven my parents caught me in my room, and asked my why I was wearing diaper. At the time I simply told them that I didn't know why, and they dismissed it as a one time thing. But, at started happening more and more, and they started to wonder why even more. When I was 15 my dad told me he wanted to talk to me, and I didn't know what it was about, but I felt uneasy. He told me that he found some of the diapers i had hidden because he was snooping around in my room, and again the question as to why I liked to wear them came up. So explained to him that, though I was unsure why I liked them, I felt secure and comfortable in them, and he went on to explain that I shouldn't feel ashamed, that he, like myself, liked to wear lingerie when he was my age. And the talk went on for some time, somehow leading to a sex talk (He must have been a bit drunk because he was slurring a bit) and later I told my mom about it, and she simply told me that she knew he wanted to talk to me about, and asked her how she felt about it, and she told me it didn't bother her.

That was two years ago now, and they haven't said anything since. And now, you know my story... I should probably put this on my profile huh? XD
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