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My re-introduction

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After reading the other intro's, I feel more comfortable with what I have to say on this intro. I posted an intro awhile ago, but it didn't say enough about me. So, the story of my life.

Since early childhood, I've always been a computer-oriented person. I play video games a lot.
Also since early childhood, I've been interested in diapers. It started when I tried on one of my brother's night-diapers. I don't think I was able to get it on before my parents came into the room... Don't remember what happened once they came in.
Fast-forward to 5th grade -- I moved away from the familiar Connecticut to a much less forgiving Florida. I lost contact with most of my friends save for three of my best friends, and I'm not sure where the rest went...
Fast-forward again to when I was about 11... my cousin was visiting and brought 2 packs of GoodNites... Needless to say I was interested. My parents found out and gave me a talk... said it was unsanitary... Bah...
And now, to my last (8th grade) year in middle school. Over the summer I worked up the courage to buy diapers from a local store... and promptly got busted by my parents. They know, but they haven't openly yelled at me or anything. They've started maneuvering since then, probably damage control to stop me from becoming weirder.
Now -- on to the other, non-biography stuff.
I have High-Functioning Autism / Asperger Syndrome. It means I'm bad at social situations in general, I completely miss subtext, and I have other behavioral quirks.
I play Dance Dance Revolution. I do not believe I can dance normally, but I can easily pass a 6-7 foot song.
I play Guitar Hero and Rockband. I probably know how to play the drums because of rockband, but I'm not sure.
I'm not sure of my sexuality. Probably straight, but I'm 14 so I don't really know.
I live in Florida. PM me if you want to know if you've seen me before, or if you plan on going to a local spot (Central Florida, people. Like Orlando.) to meet people from the board.
That's all for now, probably more to come in short, inspired bursts.
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Well since this is your Re-introduction, all I have to say is Re-Welcome! :D lol

Hope you continue to stick around and enjoy it here!
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