My plan for free diapers 2016

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So I have seems and contributed to threads about what it costs us for diapers on a monthly basis, I've since thought about it in depth and may have come up on a plan.
I'm 30 yrs old and have a very good job, finically independent and own a house and toys.
My idea hit me this morning as I was watching the news, there is talk of the government raising interest rates and that got me thinking. This coming year I'm going to break up my tax return and use some saved money to start a few (5) escrow accounts and have them come to term every other month, the plus profit from my original deposit will go into a separate account (debit) that will only be used for diaper purchases, thus making my purchases free. Not a bad idea and also dependent on of the interest rates rise.
Tell me what you guys think.
That's not exactly free nappies though, is it? You're increasing your income through investment - it's just your choice to spend the money solely on nappies; you could spend it on anything.
You're just moving the money around, not making more of it out of nothing. But if that works better for you, go for it. Different monetary strategies work better for different people. Sometimes changing your strategy can help if you have problems making your current plan work. (things like not having a lot of money in hand all the time if you're weak to impulse buying - "forced saving")
I too like to think in terms of 'free'. If I have a set budget and money set aside for something and end up not needing it for that thing, then I effectively got that thing for 'free'. It's a good way for me to see how working my second job frees up set aside funds and makes saving money long term easier.

I've also thought about setting up staggered accounts and I think they could be a great way of making a little bit of extra money. Unfortunately, interest rates are kind of poor right now and I'd have to take out super long terms or invest large amounts to see any reasonable returns. People respond to different strategies differently and there is no right answer; do whatever works best for you.
My plan for free AB stuff is to use my Amazon Visa on as much as I can. If I use it for all my bills and gas etc., I get 1-3% back every month. That tranlates into free points to use on Amazon purchases. At this point it is truly free since I pay off my visa several every other week when I getting, paid. One month I got footed pajamas for $2. Of course I had to go back the next month and buy more. Even getting a case 50% off really helps. So that only works if you like the brands Amazon carries. Tranquility, Abena and GoodNites I have gotten there.
Eh, words are words. You're probably the most fiscally responsible ABDL I've read about, so all the power to you. (Yes, knee-jerk reactors, I know you're responsible too)
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