My Own Scifi Universe and New Character Art

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Hi all,

Just drew up a new character for my own scifi universe. I’m hoping to write some works set in it and get them published in the future.

I will of course delete this thread if this does happen :)

Note, there is a lot of backstory which I can’t put here. Feel free to ask questions.

Whispered Whind and Sketched Promise.jpg

First is Whispered Whind, a mercenary hailing from the illustrious Whind luxury starship-liner dynasty. The misspelling is intentional. In the Equine “Church of the Gear” the added H in Whind denotes wind of supernatural, divine wrath, The Architect’s holy judgement upon the wicked and evil. Also note the extensive augmentations. Gearist theology denotes that believers have a specific place and duty to which they are called, and many augment themselves to better fulfill that role. For example, a firefighter with bionic arms can lift a smoldering beam and rescue someone, while a person with flesh-and-blood arms could not without significant risk of injury.

“…In she came, a slender female Equine, bristling with ornate augmentations; ornately engraved augmetic limbs and scrimshaw-inlaid wing prosthetics. Clearly, being of the illustrious and respected Whind family meant she had spared no expense in these areas…”

I based her hairstyle on season 5 finale Crystal War Rainbow Dash, one of the best parts of MLP in its entirety, IMO.

Whind actually comes from the old PC game Starship Titanic, one of my very favorite video games of all time. If you look at the Titanic's logo a certain way, I always thought it could read "Whind" instead of "Titanic".

Also shown is her adopted son, Sketched Promise, shown in his private school uniform of a fur-trimmed hooded vest, dress shirt, tie, and cargo kilt. His ABDL-ness and occasional crossdressing may or may not come up. Fur-trimmed clothing is quite popular, as the planet these two live on is a frozen moon known as the “Data Moon”, specifically they reside in Snowdown City.

“…Snowdown City was one of the most prosperous cities on the Data Moon, housing many of the largest data archival firms which gave the ice-covered rock its name. Here was offered anything from rudimentary server farm rentals to specialized climate-controlled archives for files, relics, cryosleep, and sundry other such storage and exchange purposes. The city extended outward, slate black buildings stretching up, surrounded by ornate iron girdered walkways and terraces of shops and business fronts, lit at intervals with small, white thimble-lamps. Several of the buildings extended upward far enough to pierce the armorglass roof of the dome, which sheltered all inside from the biting winds without. The structures underneath sometimes rose too high, poking outward like hairs on a glistening mole…”

The Frostbite Tool and Die “Partisan” is a combination of a revolver firing solid ammo from a 6.00 barrel and a magical directed energy weapon. Inside the translucent cylinder, ten rounds of 8 mil surround a central barrel firing the directed magical energy, fed from a cylindrical magazine. Whispered’s version has a bluish-black metal sheen and scrimshaw grips inlaid with a small metal charm. The charging handle for the mag-barrel, which operates like an SMG in that it needs to be racked after reloading, features a wooden handle, for decorative purposes. It is a break-top design, and is self-cocking, like the Mateba series of revolvers. The “hammer” just below the rear sight is the safety lever for the mag-barrel. The weapon also features ghost-ring sights, and a gas-vent system, to direct hot gasses away from the shooter’s hand near the cylinder gap, making this one of very few revolvers that can attach a foregrip without the shooter burning their hands on the escaping gasses. This weapon is based largely on the LeMat revolver, which had a central bore for firing shotshells. A cool design to be sure. The gas-vent system is taken from Taurus’s revolving rifles, negating the common problem with revolving rifles of either awkward grip or a charred wrist.


As you can tell, I love designing fictional weapons. :)

Her second gun is simply a custom-built automatic, with trench sights, a color case hardened frame, and wood grips, similar to this gun.

It also has a viewing port in the grips to view the remaining rounds in the magazine.

Their ship is a Saint Amelia Shipyard custom cutter, the Empyrean Rider. Also note the Equine script. I don’t have a whole alphabet written up yet, but I hope to include it somewhat like Aurubesh in the Star Wars universe, something that can actually be read by those who care to do so.

Sooo much backstory in this essay of a post. Been working on this universe for years. Hope to post more in the future. I’m wondering, though, how likely would I be of being “outed” if I posted my Devientart profile on here? I’m pretty sure the risk would be pretty high.


P.S. Does anyone know how to make the images embed in their actual size? The original is not that small, I can assure you.
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How much feedback are you actually looking for?
Just sharing. I'm not going to change the drawing any. It's mostly to show what the characters look like, and for my own edification. I'm legally blind, so not much of a professional artist, and more focused on the writing aspect.

FootieCrinkle said:
...I’m wondering, though, how likely would I be of being “outed” if I posted my Devientart profile on here? I’m pretty sure the risk would be pretty high...

Pretty sure you would be upping the odds of being outed to a high percentage.

Well done BTW, you need to get some AB/DLs together and run a roleplaying game in your universe to test out it's strengths and firm up edges you might not realise exist.
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