my night in drynights

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so I was going to save my last 4 drynights until I lost some weight but I was desperate to go last night so I took the opportunity i was wondering how others go so much out of it so i came up with my own conclusion. so i moved my pee pee to the top of the padding in the front and let lose. it worked got so much more out of the drynight than normal and the front was bulky. i went to sleep and woke up really early and kept feeling it (i really like the feel of drynights) i needed to go pee so i kneeld on the floor and moved my pee pee to the top of the drynight again and went.

a little bit leaked out so after putting my pee pee back in properly i wiped the drynight down wit a towel. then climbed into bed using old shirts to protect my bed. it was amazing ,when i was laying down i forced some out to wet the back. i laid down for a while i got up and use a really powerful keychain light and was observing my drynight i put it on my drynight and it made it glow yellow (hehe). i laid back down for a while then i went to have a shower. i didn't want to take it of but i had to ant when i took it of it was all wet every inch hehe. i have a better apceation for drynights noe hehe
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