My newly completed fursona/avatar...

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Hello everyone! I am very excited and happy to be the first to share the news, and to reveal for the very first time
anywhere, my finished fursona/avatar. Please allow me to introduce "Angel Kitten." Angel Kitten is three years old.
He has his wings, but he is still learning to fly. He wants to be a big boy someday, but he's too comfortable in diapers to get
rid of them completely, because they make him feel so snug and warm inside. He just wants a nice big hug, and to be told
how much he is loved.

Many, many, many, thanks, and my eternal gratitude, to binkygirl for making the diaper modifications to the original image,
which was a composite drawing from the dolls game on the Doll Divine website @
Thank you so much binky! You made my day! What a gifted and talented artist we have in our midst here at ADISC. And, as
always, many thanks to you, my friends here in the forums, for your continued support, advice and encouragement. You have
truly helped me understand and accept my new aspects of my personality, especially my DF and Little aspects. That means so
much to me - you have no idea. Thanks again! Hope to read your posts in the forums, and chat with you in TS.
He's super cute! Congrats on your new avatar.
Faelan said:
He's super cute! Congrats on your new avatar.

Thank you very much!
I like your avatar too.
Awe, very cute. Thanks for sharing.
OMG Hewo Angel Kitten!! Your fursona looks super duper cute with the diapers and wings hehe good job to you and binkygirl with making your fuesona :D
Thank you very much BabyFurBlaze. Glad you like it.
Hewwo an welcome to the furfamily ^^ Such a kyootie!
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