My new crib


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I just paid to have a new crib built and can't wait to get it

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Oooh, Very nice. Who did build it for you?

I plan on building my own sometime this year, ideally sooner rather then later.
But I think it might cost me as much to build it then to pay someone else as I have no tools.
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Someone woodworker, I found paid $1300 for it including delivery.
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I bet you are going to cut some serious ZZZs in that crib.
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So lucky! I very much have the skills and talent, just not a place to make these things like this skilled craftsperson! Hope it comes soon!
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Yes, my real parent's bought it for me.
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Poohbearboy said:
Yes, my real parent's bought it for me.
Super awesome crib and fantastic that your parents bought it for you
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This is me in mine the other day


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Poohbearboy said:
Someone woodworker, I found paid $1300 for it including delivery.
Do they do custom work? Looking to see where they are located as I’m looking to have one built.
I have a new crib it is well built and the side moved up and down like an old baby one. Now have this person build me a changing table soon but just have come up with the money.
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Some excellent joinery going on there, that is a lot of mortise and tenon joints to get right. I would love a proper baby style crib, but sadly that will never happen.
Man for $1300 I would make one. This one does loo pretty solid made. I not in the best of health but I posted a pic of a cradle I made for my nephew and I had some one wanting a highchair. But to be honest I have not been healthy enough to do much. But I am starting to se a market here.

This is what I built for my nephew. It is solid oak not one nail. All oldshool tongue and groove mortise joints. I love makeing stuff wood or steel I don’t care I just love taking raw products and making something out of it.


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Congratulations! I bet you will have an amazing sleep. ☺️