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My name is Sunnkissn, please say hello!

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  1. Sissy
HI!!!! I am a female 18 year old high school student. I have a daddy who takes care of me every day and i love him more than anything. I'm 5'5'', 125 lb. with dark hair and light tan skin, if you wanted a visual. I am friendly and i wanna meet people! And i'd be delighted if i could find some friends on this site.

Let's see... I am bisexual leaning 80% towards girls, but i have a boyfriend, my daddy, so i'm not looking for anyone. I think i might ask him to make an account here too, we'll see!

My one true hobby is art- I've always loved drawing, painting, everything. Next year, I'll be at a college studying to be an architect. I also love to snowboard, skateboard, grow plants, cook, eat, and play dorky RPG games ;)

Well that's me in a nutshell. Oh right, and obviously since i'm here, I am a TB... that too. NICE TO MEET YOU EVERYONE!
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