My mom's plush kitties

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image.jpg I am not sure if I should feel guilty for having my moms plush kitties as me and her both likes cats and they were hers. My dad said I could have them if I wanted so I cleaned off the dust and sprayed them with air freshener, I also want to sleep with them and play with them, but is that morally right since they were mom's?


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It seem perfectly right that her property gone to her child. To be honest i can't tell if that's what she wanted, because i don't knew her. But i'm sure there is nothing wrong or morally bad about that.
I think you're doing exactly the right thing - of course you can have them!! It would be horrible if they went to someone who doesnt belong to the family, or worse: staying on a shelf totally alone and without love!!!
Would it be for the same for my moms childhood Garfield plush? Or is it strictly hers? Help me please I am not thinking straight!
It's entirely up to you, there is no moral dilemma here. You may just be feeling a little odd or guilty because you would be playing with them in little space. But I'm sure your mum who loved you would be happy that you could get some comfort from her things.
I have a lot of my parents things as well as my aunt and uncle's. In fact, when my aunt was in her early 90s, she asked me if I wanted her furniture, lamps and things like that. She and her husband collected antiques and had some very nice things. I said I did and she was really pleased that their things which had meaning for them, would stay in the family.

Those things are important to me because I think of my loved ones every time I look at them. They bring back all the memories that are associated with them, and thus they give my life meaning as well. The things that we collect in life and are special to us took a central part in the novel that I wrote several years ago. It's as if they create a doorway between the living and the departed and that doorway allows us to visit them for a brief while.
Most parents would like to see their possessions pass on to their children or grandchildren. Unless there was a prior agreement that such-n-such thing was to go to 'Aunt Mary', I think you can accept the items without guilt. Another point, even your dad (who I suspect knows your mom well) has said you should take the items.

I see no problem for you - enjoy them!
I don't see any moral issue here. If they gave them to you that means they are now yours and you can do whatever you want with them. If you want to sleep with them and play with them then go ahead. But you should take care of them and make sure nothing happens to them though. What you choose to do it totally up to you.
Thanks guys, I just havn't been thinking straight and due to Asperger's I don't want to be disrespectful because I don't know!
I have things my Mom used.
Her walker.
Her Wheelchair Ramp.
Her bed side-safety rails.
Her adult medical potty chair.
They are mine now.
My brother and I also have her plush cuddle friends too, that gave her comfort, when she was near the end.

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