My Mom Is Awesome

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I came out as a little to my mom successfully a month or so ago. She's been extremely accepting of it. She said that she was gonna give me the space to be myself in my room upstairs. Little did I know that she'd be accepting to the point where something interesting happened.

A few days after I came out we had another good conversation and I showed her my pacifier. Her response was that I should be careful with my teeth (logically), but she saw I was really happy about having it, probably because I told her it was a present from daddy (Wolfy is awesome). After that I put it back under my pillow where I still keep it when I'm out.
Fast forwarding another few days, I came home from going out with friends and I noticed that my bed was made. That's nice as is, but what was incredibly thoughtful was that my mom put my pacifier on my pillow for me to grab it for sleepytime. At that point I knew she fully accepted who I am.

Hope that little experience put a smile on your face and I wish you all a lovely day :)
Awesome! How does she feel about the diapers?
That is way cool. I'm glad that you are able to have such a good relationship with your mom.
It's always heartwarming to hear stories like that. After my mom found out about my bottle, I've been thinking about how she would react if I confessed everything to her. Since I've asked her for footed pajamas for Christmas, and given that she took me drinking from a bottle very well, I don't imagine it going bad at all, but I'm still way too terrified to do it.
That is such a great story! Thanks for sharing! :)
That's awesome that your mom is so accepting of it. My mom wasn't so accepting at first but has become slightly more accepting after I understood my feelings and was able to explain it to her. She still thinks it's a phase type of deal though. :/
Nice, I'm way to scared to ever tell my parents.
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