My Little Diaper Showdown

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The only premium adult diapers I've ever worn are the Bambino Teddy and Biancos. I decided to treat myself and buy the sample packs to four other diapers: Bambino Bellissimo, Tena Slip Maxi, Molicare Super Plus, and Abena X-Plus! All plastic-backed. Those are some of the popular ones I've seen around here and different sites.

Anyone else get super excited on diaper delivery day? I intercepted the package before they could even ring the doorbell. :D

I've never had this many types of diapers before and I'm excited to compare them! Unfortunately, I don't have enough of each (sample packs) to do an official review and comparison, but I was thinking of wearing the Molicares first. Any recommendations on the order to wear them or general advice?


Diaper delivery day is the best!!! I love opening up a big package of nappies and then putting them in order :3!

Just go crazy and try them out in the order you find them the most fun-looking to wear!
I agree with TyphaHare. Just try them as you desire, but keep notes as to how you like/dislike each. This should make a final selection of favorites easier.
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