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So yesterday I got to do something I have not done In a while, have a day participating in age regression. It's something I love doing so I hope no minds, but I really want to share what I did šŸ˜Š

I first woke up around 8 am in a very wet rearz critters caboose. After a quick diaper change, I threw on a red onesie for the day. I then had my breakfast, a bottle of milk and a jar of apple baby food, while watching blues clues šŸ’™

After doing this for an hour I brought out my stuffed animals, and had an imaginary play date with them. I also played and stacked blocks. It was then time for my morning nap.

I got a little carried away and slept for a long time from 10-2. It was on of those things were I was awake occasionally but just didn't feel like getting out of bed.

After another bottle and some oatmeal, I took a break from little space and went on an hour walk. When I got home I took out some coloring books and crayons.I also changed onesies at this time as my old one was getting dirty. Its a little embarrassing to admit this but I spit up a couple times.

My little day also ended with a highlight as well. Around 5 I needed to change my diaper again it was soaked. However I also managed to mess my diaper. I don't like doing this all the time. But luckily I was able to hop in the shower to clean myself up. After this I decided to get out of little space, and get my mind in a more adult space. But not to adult as I was still wearing diapers all night long šŸ˜†.

I hope that wasn't to much detail for you all, also if I violated any rules let me know. Like I said at the beginning I just really wanted to talk about my day.
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Sounds like a perfect day