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My introduction

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Hi everybody! :)

I want to say to you shortly who I am. My real name is Andrew, I am 24 years old, and I live in Czech Republic. I am deeply interested in spirituality, and for some reason I have always wanted to ged rid of my ABDL part. But today after some years of brute force experiments how to destroy some parts of my soul I think that if something is so persistent, it must be also very important. And everything seems that ABDL indeed is very important part of my path.

I have started with ABDL about 8 years ago. At that time I was really very excited of diapers, and also I so much fighted with myself, it was crazy and so funny at my present view. I tried to really carefully analyze why I am so attracted by diapers, and I think it is because of my early childhood. When I was young, I suffered with secondary enuresis. The enuresis itself wasn't so much bad, but for my parents (especially for my mother) it was obviously really big problem. I was regulary punished for my bedwetting, as if it was deliberate. After some time my mom decided that I have to wear diapers at night. Then I wasn't much happy of that. It was very embarrassing for me, but they just forced me to wear them. And I think they also somehow forced me to stop my bedwetting sooner than it was intended.

Because of these events from my childhood I think that I like diapers because of my forcibly interrupted bedwetting. So I think that in fact need to somehow regress and experience the bedwetting again and then let it end naturally. I have tried to prove my theory, and I found out that I really need diapers only at night. Sure, in history I wanted to go 24/7 like many of us, but now I need almost no diapers during the day. Only one diaper for night and that is all.

So now I am working on inducing bedwetting again. And I had already some accidents! It is so much exciting when I wake up wet and do not remember any wetting during the night. This feeling is quite hard to describe. And imagine I also felt in love with girl who not only accepted this part of me, but she even wore diapers and used them with me. But still she is not ABDL! It was wonderful to sleep in diapers (she was also diapered) with her sometimes. Sadly we are not together anymore (but we didn't broke up because of diapers), but she prooved that my dream girl or wife can be real.

Well, this is my story. Today I am still working on acceptance of myself, self-confidence and of course bedwetting. I am glad that this forum exists and that I am not alone. I already feel really comfortable there! :)
Welcome Firzen! Sounds like you are getting to a good place mentally.

We'd love to know more about your outside of ABDL, as it helps us understand each other better as we get a better picture of you in general. We'd love to know your career area, hobbies, favorite movies, etc. -- anything that helps us get to know you better.
Thank you, ornitorrinco! I just only wrote what was important for me at that moment.

Well, ok. I will start with my hobbies. I have three big and important interests: programming, photographing and spirituality. My whole life is deeply connected with these interests. Because of that I have studied computer science and currently I work as Java developer in one small and cool company. From photographing I like to shoot macro, portraits and night photos. My spirituality is quite personal, but I can tell you that I believe in God.

If you want to know me closer, you can look at some of my photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/bn9ddxt0ceez2c2/AAAG0pRuNTGGcLa25LSVvOtna

And what about your interests?
Hi Firzen, welcome to ADISC :)

There are plenty of people on here who have or have had difficulty coming to terms with their interest in diapers, so I'm sure you'll find lots of support here.

i also love photography. Don't know if you've already found it, but we have a photography group on here you mighike to join: https://www.adisc.org/forum/group.php?groupid=109

All the best,

Firzen said:
And what about your interests?

Awesome photos. My main 'hobby' is parenting :). I've got five kids under 10 years old. I love to read, mostly fiction. I especially like YA fantasy and scifi. One of my favorite authors that is a little less known is an author named Brandon Mull. He has some great series. If you like to read, check out "A World Without Heroes."

I'm getting more into biking. I used to ride my bike to work and then my work situation changed (as did my weight situation :) ) and I haven't ridden for about 5 years or so. But I have a neighbor who invited me and my son to go mountain biking with him and his son (our kids are friends), so we've gone a couple of times. I'm hoping to get a bit more in shape to do stuff like that.

I'm also a spiritually-minded person; firm in my faith. I volunteer in my local congregation. Right now I teach a sunday school class for teenagers.

So with working two jobs, and all the rest of it, I stay pretty busy. :)
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