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My introduction (:

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hi everyone.
i joined adisc a few days ago, and now i finally decided to introduce myself. i'm a tech geek, which means i like gadgets and all sorts of electronics. i especially like building and fixing computers, watching cartoons, and playing video games. i even have my own "ManCave" where i play video games on my custom built computer, which i built myself. i'm also a self taught amateur pianist and keyboardist. i'm an open minded, very shy, friendly, and anxious person, and i love talking to other open minded friendly people, and writing long and detailed stories. (which is by now probably obvious)

now about my "other side"
i'm a DL, and i'm not really into the AB side of it. i had interest in diapers since kindergarden. i remember how my friend and i were often secretly talking about when we'll try to buy some diapers at the store, but we never did it. while growing up, i constantly wondered how and where i could get some diapers. i was even hoping for an accident which would put me in a hospital where i could wear diapers. it didn't cross my mind to look for them online, until a little over one year ago, and i finally found them, but i was way too anxious to order them. then only a month ago, i decided to man up and ordered my first stash of attends, and i'm currently getting the hang of properly diapering myself.

i found adisc while searching for diaper related things on google, and i soon started to love the community here, so i decided to join. the main reason i love adisc, is because everyone here is so nice, open minded, and supportive, and because i finally found a place where i can feel comfortable about being a DL, talking to others who share the interest in diapers, and because i can finally actually ask for advice, instead of hoplessly searching the web for the answers.
i hope i wasn't too long. i just really like to get into details when writing things :)
Welcome cuddlekitty! That was a great introduction. I see you have been quite active already so keep up the good work!
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