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My Introduction, Or I'll Get This Right Sooner Or Later,,,!

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  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
  3. Sissy
  4. Incontinent
1) Hello!, Who are you? I Go By My Nickname Dumbaby2,

For As Long As I Can Remember I Have Been A Baby, I Was Born That Way...!
My Mother Told Me That I Would Always Be A SissyBaby.
Well She Was Right About That Anyway...!

2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression) Sissy Baby Talk, Stories.

3) What are your other interests? Sum Of Manythings;
God, Humans, Love, Art , Life, Laughter, Songs, Movies...Ect.! :)

4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would

you love to do here. Maybe Do Some Writings, That I Not

Completed. Show Some Digital Art I've Done.

TY, Dumbaby2
Welcome Dumbaby2 well this is one place at least where some teasing is a compliment. So it's ok to be a sissy baby.
Not open for further replies.