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My intro!

Do you masturbate in your diaper?

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  1. Diaper Lover
I started wearing diapers in about 1985. My wife at the time was fairly good with it and would help me purchase the diapers. I became really hooked and then she became irritated with them. I continued even after my divorce in to my next relationship. She didn’t act like she minded but she did and in the end it became clear that it was an issue. I guess it really didn’t matter she was just using me for about a year and a half due to her family financial situation. I started having some health concerns and started wetting myself a little bit so I just went back to wearing my diapers again. After a couple of months I was full on wetting my diaper at night without it waking me up at all. It wasn’t a problem because I was using ABENA X-Plus and Bambino’s so no leaks I also used a bed pad. I was staying in a hotel type living situation so maids would service my room daily. Since I was wearing diapers every night I had to throw them away in the trashcan. Every once in a while, I’d be asked why it was so heavy. I just told her it was trash in there but I’m sure they knew it was a diaper. There was one time I was sleeping and apparently they made her come in and I was in only a diaper sleeping without covers on because it was pretty warm, and I had the windows open to get some fresh air. She mentioned it to me a little bit later and apologize for walking in but she said I was not naked I only had a diaper on. After about a year, and once I was off some other medication that was causing me to wet the diaper at night I had to retrain myself not to wet the diaper and to make sure I woke up and went to the bathroom. Unfortunately I had several accidents and the lady in charge of all the maids came in and helped me get everything cleaned up and the bedding changed. She was very nice about it. She said it’s all right and it happens once in a while. I would only wear diapers on occasion after that, and then finally gave them up altogether by 2019. Since there’s some new brands on the market that I was aware of before I bought a case of diapers but I’m having a hard time getting back into him again, physically, and mentally. So that’s kind of where I am right now.
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