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My Intro (Slightly Long)

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Hey All,

This is my first time discussing this part of my life with anyone so thanks in advance for listening. This is a little long so I understand if you think it's tl;dr.

About Me:
I'll go as far as saying I'm currently mid-20s, working a great job (finance industry) in a very large, diverse SW city. My job requires taking a lot of exams so I do a lot of studying outside of work. I'm a nature freak, love hiking, bird watching, and quiet contemplation in the woods.

I also play cards semi-professionally, it's my favorite pasttime. I love being at the poker table. I have plenty of friends and am generally very happy in life, although being a DL does often give me conflicting feelings. More on that below.

Being A DL
I've been a DL my entire life (not into being an AB), and this is because I was a very heavy bedwetter until a few months past my 15th birthday. From the time I was out of baby diapers, I wore GoodNites every single night until I was totally dry. By that point I was going into 10th grade. I was literally a high schooler who wore diapers.

My parents tried medicine, alarms, nothing worked and we always went back to GoodNites. My mom would always wake me up during the night to try and use the bathroom and often I had already had an accident. It was mortifying being a teen and being seen with a wet pull-up under my PJs by my mom. I used to store the GoodNites in my nightstand next to my underwear and every night if she noticed I was wet she would get a dry diaper for me and hand it to me and tell me to go change. Thinking back, my parents definitely infantilized me to a degree regarding my enuresis. This greatly reinforced my DL feelings.

While it was totally embarrassing and socially debilitating (I never went to sleepovers or overnight trips ever) to bedwet I always had this internal conflict because I really did love being able to wear a diaper at that age. After a while I became enamored with my goodnites. I loved the crinkle, the bulky padded feeling, how they get saggy and squishy when they're wet, how the waistband peaked out of my PJs like a diaper.

I definitely exhibited DL behavior during these years, like intentionally peeing in my GoodNites, keeping a wet diaper on long after waking up, going without PJ bottoms and wearing just a GoodNite to bed.

By the time I hit puberty I definitely had an understanding that I loved wearing diapers and I began browsing the internet for stuff related to my interests. I stumbled upon sites like the old goodnites forums some other bedwetter's forums and, of course, ADISC, although in all these years this is the first time I've ever posted anything of my own.

To this day the only diapers I actually like are bedwetter diapers like GoodNites (my favorites by a country mile) and Underjams. Now that I live on my own I wear one to bed every night and have plenty of time and resources to fulfil my DL interests.

Why I'm Here
I'm hoping to use ADISC as a place to give and accept support from likeminded people. I can't say I know any other DLs, but the knowledge that there are, without question, many many others is very comforting. As I mentioned, I do often feel conflicted about my DL interests, but as I get older and more mature I'm starting to resolve those conflicts. Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for the support.
bertstare said:
Hey All,

This is my first time discussing this part of my life with anyone so thanks in advance for listening. This is a little long so I understand if you think it's tl;dr.

Hey Bert,

Don't worry this is a pretty perfect introduction post, it's not too long at all.

Being an AB/DL is very conflicting for lots of us. The feelings we have about diapers / regression rarely sit easily alongside the rest of our adult personalities, and the fear of what people would think if they ever found can be very inhibiting.
When I was younger I always felt that "being ABDL" could never be part of the person I wanted to become in my life. Now-a-days I can feel that although it will never be an advantage for me, it doesn't have to be a wound that I suffer from or a weight that holds me down, it's just a part of me that I share with special people in my life. Personally I've found that interacting with other ABDLs, both on on-line and off-line has been a vital part of resolving that feeling of conflict, so I think you've made a good choice to engage here...


Welcome to ADISC

Welcome! I am new as well and am hoping to meet some like minded people on here.
Noice to meet ya
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